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We have able service teams located at our offices with experience to carry out leakage management programs and document the same in an easy to read format so that the user has a good idea about the present status of their compressed air or gas piping system including the equipments and accessories involved.

Every hangar has its own Building Management System (BMS), and the new compressed air systems are each tied to their respective BMS. Integrating the digital flow meter into the BMS has its own suite of challenges, but the capabilities to monitor air compressor performance is quite valuable. Once the BMS receives and converts the air compressor data, it stores the information at several locations. The metrics are stored on the controller for a week before being sent to the server, where they are stored indefinitely. The record keeping is yielding major operational benefits to your plant.

The entire Leakage Management Program being online, records can easily be accessed at anytime from anywhere and a reference can be made so that the overall improvement or degradation of the plant can be assessed and rectified. We strive to ensure to save energy and improve efficiencies of systems involving gases. We partner with premier engineering companies to provide good quality spares and replacements. The effect of our endeavours is felt gradually over a period of time based on completion of the modules presented in the program.

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