Identify and Eliminate Inappropriate uses of compressed air:

Inappropriate Application Description Alternative
Open Blowing Used for Cleaning, drying, clean up and other purpose. Low pressure Blowers or fans.
Sparing Aerating, Agitating, oxygenating or percolating liquid with Compressed air.
Aspirating Using Compressed air to induce the flow of another.
Atomizing Using Compressed air to deliver a liquid to a process as an aerosol.
Dilute Phase Transport Using Compressed air to transport solids, such as powdered material, in a diluted format.
Personnel cooling Using Compressed air to cool personnel Fans
Vacuum Generation Applications that use Compressed air with a educator or ejector to create a vacuum Vacuum Pumps
Diaphragm Pumps Often Installed without a shut off valve or regulator Mechanical pumps
Cabinet Cooling Open blowing and air bars (tubes with holes drilled into them) sometime used for cabinet cooling. Fans or dedicated cabinet coolers