Ultrasonic Flow Meter for Propane/Butane/Coal gas and Fuel gas

PS-i Ultrasonic Leak Detector
PS-i Kit
The PS-i is the Full-Heterodyne Ultrasonic Leak Detector. The PS-i is capable of finding pressure and vacuum leaks in HVAC and compressed air systems, without being affected by wind or leaked refrigerants in confined spaces.

PS-i hd Ultrasonic Leak Detector
PS-i hd Kit
The PS-i-HD comes with a heavy duty noise attenuating headset, in a large carrying case that can hold any of our thermometers,
the Air Flow meter and other accessories keeping a number of useful instruments in one case.

PS-ign hybrid Ultrasonic Leak Detector
PS-ign hybrid Kit
PS-ign hybrid kit consist of addition a goose neck makes this instrument very convenient to detect leaks in automotive air brake systems,
fuel systems, AC and refer trailers.The PS-ign is a GM mandatory tool for natural gas powered vehicles and IM 240 test programs.

PS-1100 Ultrasonic Leak Detector
PS-1100 Kit
Ps-1100 is digital dual leak detector for external and internal leaks with Ultrasonic Inspection System.
Capable of detecting air leaks, defective valves and steam traps without having to switch expensive sensor modules.

PS-2100 Ultrasonic Leak Detector
PS-2100 Kit
PS-2100 is having Digital Dual Leak detector and Condition Monitor for external and internal leaks.
Available output cable can download high to low frequency converted signal to vibration and spectrum analyzers.

PSX-3000 Ultrasonic Leak Detector
PSX-3000 Kit
PSX-3000 is Dual signal processor leak detector, Automatic leak frequency tuning through AFT.
Specialized Heterodyne Output. Totally sealed aluminum body.

PSX-GN Ultrasonic Leak Detector
PSX-GN is advance Dual signal processors. Automatic leak frequency tuning through AFT.
Specialized Heterodyne Output. Gooseneck design.