VPFlowScope dP

The VPFlowScope® DP has 4 in 1 technology that measures mass flow, temperature and pressure simultaneously with built in totalizer and optimized for wet compressed air measurements. The patented design has a bright blue LCD display which provides real-time information that, in combination with the built-in data logger, enables you to make recordings for certain periods of time. In turn, you can use our VPStudio software to process this data and print reports for real-time measurements.

digital flow meter

Features & Benefits

  • For wet compressed air
  • Three sensors in one instrument
  • Standard Modbus and 4 … 20 mA
  • Bi-directional

  • Applications

  • Air audits
  • Compressor efficiency monitoring
  • Air treatment equipment (drier/filter) monitoring
  • *check user manual and application note on installation restrictions.