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Get a grip on your energy consumption

Do you know that companies without an energy management system in place are more likely to go out of business? Here is the good news : VPVision is the ultimate tool to get real-time insight in your energy flows. It will help your organization to raise the energy awareness among your staff. It will be your guiding hand to target energy savings for individuals, teams or at a company-wide level.

Compressed air measurement or monitoring instruments needs to be integrated into commissioning of the system as a whole. Measurement of compressed air shouldn’t just be a separate “auditor” function that is before and after a project.

In addition it should be part of the long-term measurement to show real time monitoring of compressed air with VPVision that it stays in tune. For robust commissioning to happen, a reasonably low-cost measurement system needs to be put in place during the project, some key performance indicators calculated from it, and some data plots made to identify what root causes are contributing to less than ideal performance.Then, the system can be adjusted and optimal performance achieved and sustained.

energy monitoring
energy monitoring continuous process

Complete the cycle :
Energy management is a continuous process. Create awareness through permanent monitoring.Improve the profitablity of your plant. VPVision is the perfect tool.

Scaleable solutions – for small and large production plants
VPVision is available in various configurations, designed to maximize your Return on Investment.The VPVision software is always pre-installed on the VPVision M unit,which makes it very easy to deploy VPVision within your factory. Contact us today to discuss your project.

Why energy monitoring? – Your benefits:
There are many reasons to start monitoring your energy consumption permanently. Here are the most important ones:

Check the efficiency of your compressed air system
Compressed air is one of the most expensive utiltities in your plant. Compressors run on electricity and convert most of it into heat.Efficiency may shift over time due to neglected maintenance, or change in demand profile. That’s why continuous monitoring of efficiency is a must have.

Allocate costs
Do you know how much energy it takes to manufacture your product? Most manufacturers used to look only at cost of labor and material. In many industries,energy costs can become a significant part of the product costs, and should be allocated accordingly.

Detect issues
Alarms can be configured and an e-mail message will be sent to you when things go out of bounds.

Benchmark machines & production sites
VPVision data can be used to benchmark your production equipment (new against used, brand A against brand B). You can also benchmark different production sites. How much kW/product produced is required? And why does site A perform better than site B?

Take energy management step by step
Step 1 : Prepare yourself and your team. Involve your management and set the goals you want to achieve.
Step 2 : Define the current state of energy flows and systems. Gather data, and identify energy savings opportunities.
Step 3 : Analyze the measurement results, and plan the actions to improve the efficiency of your plant.
Step 4 : Implement the actions. Execute the plan, drive towards the goal.

Why VPVision software?
VPVision has many benefits compared to other platforms. It is very easy to use and and the software can be quickly implemented.
VPVision is pre-installed on a dedicated hardware platform which is ready to run.

  • Flexible and scalable
  • Easy to use interface
  • Limitless in amount of connected sensors
  • Virtual channels for powerful calculations
  • Alarms and reports can be send by email
  • Open for third party sensors
  • See it live
    See the power of real time measurement data during a live demonstration. Contact us today to schedule your live demonstration. VPVision can be expanded to receive and consolidate data such as electric demand (compressor kW) and dew point. VPVision can also be fully integrated into a plant’s existing SCADA system and linked to the Internet to allow access by designated company staff to air system data from anywhere. Your return on investment can be a matter of months.

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